July 1, 2008

Our Alaska Excursion

Its been almost a month since we visited my sister and her family in Alaska. We had a really enjoyable trip. Before the plane ride over, I was having major anxiety about how Toby would handle the 5 hour flight. I kept having recurring images of him screaming uncontrollably and receiving dirty looks from my fellow passengers. After all, I have been on the red-eye flights several times pre-parenthood and can remember groaning whenever I saw someone board with an infant. Now my perspective has completely changed and I now look at other parents with young children with nothing by complete compassion and sympathy. But all my stress and worry was for nothing. Toby slept comfortably in our arms pretty much the whole flight to Anchorage and back. What a blessing! Plus, it was a BIG perk to be flying first class (a huge thanks to my sister and her husband for that!). It makes me never want to fly coach again!

This is a picture of us at our all time favorite pizza place - Moose's Tooth. (And I have heard from others that their beer is one of kind as well, but we usually just stick with there homemade Cream Soda's) :)

The next few pics are of me and my adorable niece, Addison. The city of Palmer was celebrating something while we were visiting, but I can't remember what. Anyhow, they had a little carnival going on and so I went on a few rides with Addy.

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Honestly I don't know why we didn't take more pictures. We went to a few scenic places, like the coastal trail and Beluga Point (where you can see whales the right time of the year). I think I was so occupied taking care of the Tobeman that I forgot about taking pics until it was too late. So for those of you who would like a taste of the beautiful landscapes of Alaska, I will be posting some pictures of previous visitations later on in the month. All in all, we had a great trip and enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family.

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