August 7, 2015

Baseball and Unicorns

(OK...I lied. My next post will be my anniversary post)
Toby started coach pitch in May. This guy loves sports and is a natural athlete.  Nick and I traded off going to his games and practices as Aspen and Zack bored easily if we decided to go as a family.
Toby and Zack in their baseball garb.
Aspen asked me one day if I could buy her a horn. I wasn't sure what she meant until she pointed to a unicorn horn. Ahhh. Yes.
Thankfully you can get just about anything on Amazon.
She was thrilled when her very own unicorn horn and tail arrived.  But I was really confused when she put them on and started grunting while looking at herself in the mirror.
"What are ya doing?" I asked.
"I'm trying to make magic!" She said, somewhat frustrated.
Pure cuteness right there.


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