August 18, 2014

We're having a...


The funny thing is I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that we were having a boy, but I tried not to read into it.  It proved to be spot on.

So what did Nick decide to do? As you may recall, he was pretty determined for the gender to be a surprise and I wanted to find out what we're having during the ultrasound. I kept saying it IS a surprise, just 4 months early. ;)
Well when we sat down in the ultrasound room he had a change of heart. He said he would rather find out as a couple then have some random friend or family member slip up and say something about me having a boy. Good choice, Nick. Now we can narrow down a name and we can talk about him not just say "the baby." And I can buy clothes without needing to hide them somewhere. :)

Everything went well in the ultrasound.  The baby looked healthy and really, I couldn't ask for anything else.  I chuckled a little when the technician said, "Does he normally move around like this? He's moving around a lot." 
Yep, that's my Sibert baby.  
Please just be a good sleeper. That's not too much to ask, right? :)

Toby is ecstatic about having a baby brother.  Aspen kind of understands but still looks a little confused when I tell her there is a baby in my tummy.  She looks at me like, "You ATE a baby?" All will make sense in a few more months, little one. :)

Just for fun here are some throwback pictures of me pregnant with the other kiddos:

21 weeks pregnant with Toby

21 weeks pregnant with Aspen

Aaaaand 21 weeks pregnant with Barnaby.
I'm totally kidding. 
We are at a loss for names right now. Suggestions are welcome. :)

Toby took these pictures and he was quite the little photographer.  He told me I needed to put my hands on my tummy.  So I did.

 Even with this being my 3rd pregnancy, I'm still amazed my body can make a little human.  It's quite the miracle that I'm humbled and honored to be apart of. 

Yay for another Sibert boy!


Colleen said...

That dress is super cute! Congrats on another boy! Lucky Toby! I can't wait to meet little Benedict. ;)

Aleta said...

You look so good! I was for sure bigger earlier with the 3rd - you look the same size with all 3! And that dress is super cute :)