March 17, 2013

Toby's birthday

 Yep, on March 8th he turned the big 5! And he had quite the 3-day celebration:

On Thursday his Preschool gave him the official birthday hat and sang him "happy birthday" of course.

Friday (his actual birthday) mom and dad spoiled him with a double sword light saber, triceratops pillow pet,

and a visit to Jump On It.  It's basically a huge warehouse with a bunch of trampolines tied together.  The kids love it.

Toby preparing for his dismount...

Then mommy mandated a haircut.

Good lookin' guy.

Saturday was the family party. Grandma and Grandpa Sibert and Rarick came down and we celebrated at the good ol' Village Pizza down the street from us.

 And where was I? Barfing it up at home. Yep, our fam was hit with the nasty stomach bug that week and Saturday was my turn to be quarantined to my room.  Good times.


Oh my Tobyman.  How did we get here?  
He is my picky eater (he could eat cold cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).  He is also a super intense little man. Many don't see both sides of Toby but he basically runs on two emotions: pure bliss and unbridled rage.  Sometimes I worry about him entering big, bad elementary school until I see his intensity when he gets upset.  I don't think he is ever capable of being a bully, but I pity the kid who intentionally ruffles this guy's feathers.
They will see the wrath of Toby.  
Thankfully, as he has inched towards age 5, he has more good days than bad.  He is the best helper and actually reminds me that it is time for him and Aspen to clean up their toys at the end of the day.
I think he has a good dose of the Rarick humor.  He definitely keeps us laughing with his cute one-liners and goofy antics.

He's my sensitive soul.  I hope he never changes.

 He's a natural athlete.

 He has an incredible imagination.

He is definitely a momma's boy. 

Happy birthday, Toby! We sure love you, little man.


Colleen said...

I love that first photo, he has such an expressive little face. Happy birthday, Toby!

Jessie said...

So fun to see the pics. Happy 5th, little man!
You already know this, but my oldest has huge swings too. Not so much rage as self-loathing, but still, it's hard to handle as the worrying mom. You're doing awesome!
And wow, is he handsome!

Kristina said...

I can't believe he's 5!! You have a 5 year old! Is that crazy? It feels crazy. Where has the time gone?