March 17, 2013

Kooky Loki

Just thought it would be fun to post some videos of Loki's cute personality.  

I taught him how to high-five, but he still has that puppy tendency to bite if I put my hand in front of his face.  I figured out that if he has something in his mouth, he is a high-fivin' pro. 

This is what Loki does when he gets a new bone or toy.  He cracks me up.

And the best for last.  Hide-and-seek is Loki's favorite game. Usually me or Nick will hold Loki, then one of us will take Toby to hide somewhere in the house. Loki can't stand the anticipation! He will squirm and whine in your arms until someone calls out to say they are ready.  In the clip below it takes him a a little longer to find Nick and Toby (he's definitely no hound dog), but it's still fun to watch! :)

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Colleen said...

Ha ha, I liked the hide and seek one. Cute puppy!