April 14, 2012

My new nieces

How did I miss posting this on my blog?

My little sister, Vanessa, had her twins a couple weeks ago! They both weighed in at a healthy 6 and 1/2 lbs and look so very different from each other.

Catherine Marie

Emery Jane

Aren't they beautiful? And Ness, you are my hero for making it to 38 weeks with two babies inside of you.


Colleen said...

Ha ha, at first I didn't realize the first two photos were of the same baby and I was like, "Uh... Actually they look pretty identical to me!" Congrats, 38 weeks is VERY impressive!

Jessie said...

OK, I admit I've been DYING for you to post pictures of Vanessa's twinners! They are amazing - so pretty, and so healthy and big. Way to go, Vanessa! Congrats!