April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Aspen!

 We celebrated Miss Aspen's 1st birthday last Saturday (although she turned 1 on the 18th).  It was pretty much identical to Toby's birthday party, except a little more girlie. We ate pizza, opened presents, stuffed ourselves with cake and ice cream and mingled for a bit.


I had wanted to steer away from the overload of pink party decor for girls, but couldn't find anything I liked in other colors.  Everything was either gaudy or ugly.  So I finally gave in and bought "rose petal pink" balloons and table cover. 

Look who made an appearance. :)


 Every birthday I ask if we can just make our own cake and every birthday Nick mandates that we have it custom made.  It's the recurring birthday argument that I never win.

But the cake did turn out pretty cute.



Aspen is so much fun with a camera.  I get big, cheesy smiles almost every time I snap a photo.

Not too happy about parting with the cake.

The T-man eating all the frosting off of his piece of cake.

Creepiest doll ever.  The lips move when it sings and it has teeth and a tongue.  The pic below with Uncle Terry says it all.

The only pic with me and the birthday girl.

Can't believe its been a year! 
Aspen is probably the most cuddly baby on the planet.  To steal a line from Runaway Bride, I get nothing but "homemade sunshine" all day long. She is very even-tempered and is a much better sleeper and eater than Toby was (and sometimes is).  But she seems to prefer being held much of the time which makes getting things done around the house a little tricky.  Overall though, she has been such a delight to have in our home. I'm already looking forward to the many "mom and daughter" outings we'll have someday.

Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!


Jessie said...

What?! I can't believe it's been a year, either. And her face in the "scary doll" picture is hilarious. Also, fun to see Terry!
Happy birthday, little Aspen!

Aleta said...

I love how she's hamming it up in the cake pictures! So funny!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday, Aspen!

BeeP said...

I LOVE the cake pictures.