December 29, 2011

Our Christmas

So here's a little re-cap on the Sibert Christmas. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve because Nick worked Christmas Day - which I was a little less than ecstatic about. But we made it work.

The little bit of purple on the tree is for Mikel. :)

The very first pic I took of Toby when he came down the stairs.

Toby checkin' out his new garbage truck.

Aspen is of course just interested in all the wrapping paper.

I'm not in any of the pics because I didn't want to scare you with my puffy, morning face. :) But my favorite present by far was my new tempur-pedic pillow. For months I have suffered from horrible neck pain and headaches. I thought it was a result from fragmented sleep until Aspen started sleeping longer stretches. I asked Nick for a nice pillow (meaning one that is more than $10) and boy did he deliver. A couple nights with it and I felt SO much more rested and I had virtually no neck pain. I was a new woman (Sheesh, I should do a commercial ). :)

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Colleen said...

Jim and I both have memory foam pillows and LOVE them. We also have a memory foam mattress and mattress pad. Heaven. Glad you guys had a good Christmas.