April 22, 2011

Aspen May Sibert

Doesn't she look just like Toby? (his newborn pic is above on the right)

6 lbs 14 oz. and 18.5 inches long. Tiny compared to my Toby-man who was an 8 pounder!

In case you are wondering if Aspen was the name I kept seeing everywhere on the way to the ultrasound appt...the answer is YES. And I saw it several times after the appt. AND on our way to the hospital. I just kept telling Nick, "It's like that is supposed to be her name." He would always roll his eyes at me and say that he had to see her first before he gave the final OK.
Luckily, when she made her debut, Nick wholeheartedly agreed on the name.
And May is mine and my Grandma Nielsen's middle name.

There is so much to tell about the delivery, the days in the hospital, and at home. BUT since I am sleep deprived and need to dash over to the store for a gallon of milk (don't worry, Nick isn't being mean. I actually want to get out of the house), I will quickly tell you some fun Sibert birthday facts:

We could easily be called "The 8 family." Toby was born 3/8/08 and Nick was born 5/8/80 (and if you add the months together you get 8). My birthday is 11/18/82 and Aspen's is 4/18/11. And I found out later she was #882 born at American Fork Hospital this year (same year as my b-day). How cool is that?

One more thing: Aspen currently has jaundice. She will be under the lights for a few days since her bilirubin levels were at a whopping 19.5 today. When I first heard the news, I was a nervous wreck because she was a 9 when we left the hospital and was in the low risk category. I kept wondering how it jumped so high in only two days and became extremely worried about her. But after talking with several people who have had babies with jaundice, I was able get the peace of mind I so badly needed (not gonna lie, my hormones have been a bit of a mess). But I am thinking positive and hoping she will only need the lights for a day or two max.

Anyway, I best be going. More details coming soon! I will leave you with a favorite movie quote:

Harry: Where are we gonna go?
Lloyd: I'll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen.


Angie said...

Congrats! She is beautiful...I LOVE the name. It was on our name list for years, lol. Hope little Aspen gets over her jaundice soon. All 3 of my girls had it. Enjoy and hope you get some good sleep soon!

Jessie said...

Yaaay! Congratulations to you and your family. Man, is she cute or what? I'm glad you worked in May, love it!

I'm glad she's finally here. She IS tiny - I can't even imagine a 6 pounder. So sweet.

luv2tumble said...

The eights thing is pretty cool. So fun! I'm glad to hear that the jaundice levels are going down. Call if you need anything!

luv2tumble said...

So luv2tumble is me - Lori. Just in case you were wondering.

Colleen said...

Congratulations!!! She does look just like Toby! I'm glad you got your name. :) And I can't wait to hear the details! Hope everything is going well.