November 18, 2009

Of all the days to be sick

*Warning: the images that may be conjured up by reading this post may not be suitable for those with weak tummy's.

I am so sick. I was up most of the night sitting on the toilet with a barf bowl in my hands (sorry about the mental image but I did warn you). Today I am doing just a tad better. No barf bowl, but the other end of me is still a bit dysfunctional - if you know what I mean. Plus, I am shaky and achy all over. I caught the stomach bug from Nick and Toby. Toby was throwing up all day Sunday and then Nick got it yesterday morning. But I must admit I'm shocked at how hard this has been on my body. Both Nick and Toby recovered less than 10 hours and normally I am the one that usually somehow dodges getting sick when both Nick and Toby have become infested with some bug. I'm a mom, I don't have time to be sick. I know some of you might be thinking: "Really Debbie, you are blogging about the stomach flu?" Well just to inform you most of the time I just deal with sickness as it comes-I don' even bother Nick when I am sick. And normally I don't waste my time whining about it on my blog, but today I felt my whining was blog worthy. See today is my birthday. Nick and I had SO much fun stuff planned that I've looking forward to all week. My mom graciously offered to watch Toby this afternoon so we could catch a matinee and then she would return later tonight after Toby was in bed so that we could go to Tucanos (I have a free meal there since its my birthday). Plus Nick took the ENTIRE day off and I was so looking forward to spending it with him. I've really missed my husband since he has been juggling both work and school.

Well right now instead of seeing the movie we were so anticipating seeing, Nick is taking a Biology test and I've been struggling in vain to catch some Z's because my body won't stop aching and shivering.

BUT...I've decided instead of whining about what I can't change I am going to just see the positives in the day. 1) Even though I wish I wasn't running back and forth to the bathroom on my day of birth, I am so appreciative that Nick was able to take the day off to help relieve me from the Tobeman. I can't imagine feeling this terrible and having to chase around my little tornado all day. 2) Nick surprised me with such awesome gifts. I came downstairs all emotional and sad about my bummer birthday (no pun intended) and then saw a bag full of goodies for me which included: The Nightmare Before Christmas movie (I don't know why its taken so long for us to buy this fantastic flick), the brand spankin' new John Mayer album that came out yesterday, and a Norah Jones album. Plus he wrote such a sweet card - the kind that catch you off guard because of its mushiness. After that I was like, "psh...I am such a baby. Look at what an awesome husband I have."

By they way, in case you were wondering I am now 27 years old. How did I get so close to 30? I swear I was 20 just yesterday... :)


Kristina said...

What a bummer! I hope you feel better soon! And, regardless, happy birthday!!!

Jessie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, cousin! I'm so sorry you had to be sick on such an important day. That is NO GOOD.
Your husband sounds like the kind of guy who will make it up to you in a big way (hint to husband). So, go get better and have fun soon, very soon.