November 4, 2009

Halloween and Randoms

Halloween was quite reminiscent of last year, except this year Toby could actually partake and enjoy the most wonderful part of this holiday - CANDY!!!! And whatever was left over, Nick and I happily scarfed down - and are still scarfing down. I love candy.

I decided on tiger costumes this year mostly because they were cheap, but realized later it was a perfect choice because Toby LOVED being a tiger and delighted in ROARING whenever someone asked "And what are YOU for Halloween?". He is my little cat in training. Maybe someday I will teach him how to do my cougar roar. Wait.....what? Debbie you can do a cougar roar? Yes I can. It's a weird hidden talent that not many people know about.

Yes, those are my stretchy work-out pants underneath my costume. I was a little embarrassed wearing them but they kept me warm and non-scandalous. Plus I laughed every time I looked at them because this line from Nacho Libre would pop into my head: "Chancho, when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

Also- don't you love how it looks like Winston is biting my butt? He's actually just barking because he is overly excited by all the Halloween commotion. He really is a sweetheart of a dog.

Yeah, he got a bit warm in that costume.

We hung out at my parents house for most of the evening. And when I say "we hung out" I mean Nick was downstairs watching his Oregon Ducks thump USC and Toby and I were helping my mom with the trick or treaters. I didn't mind though. Nick really deserved the break after a hectic work and school schedule.

And quite honestly, I am glad we weren't home giving out candy because word on the street is we got around 700 (yes, SEVEN HUNDRED!) trick or treaters trafficking our area (and I am not exaggerating the slightest bit). The reason why we are swarmed with so many kids is because my neighborhood does this a "Harry Potter" theme trick or treating. One house is decorated like "Azkaban" another was "Hogwarts Castle." I wish I could've taken pictures because when I drove by earlier in the day it was quite the sight to see! I was really impressed. I'm a bit biased but I have to say Halloween in Utah rocks. I love that so many people are bursting with Halloween spirit and try to make it memorable and fun for both kids and adults.

My mom is one of those Utahns that really goes all out to make it special for the kids in the neighborhood. Not only does she pass out donuts and hot cocoa, but she gives away BIG candy bars tagged with little notes that say things like "You are wonderful" and "Remember who you are" Yeah, my mom is awesome.

"Hmm I could get use to this free candy thing..."



The rest of these pics are just random ones that I like and didn't want to put on a separate post.

Whoa! Mom's got crazy eyes.

Love that hamster smile. :) We keep wondering when he's going to get more bottom teeth in.

Toby and his Uncle Terry- two peas in a pod. They really are a lot alike in so many ways, its crazy.

We got a little carried away with the soup this evening and decided to use it as styling gel. :)

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