June 27, 2009

Our backyard

I am absolutely in love with our backyard. I decided to do a little video tour as well as some still shots. Sorry about the uninteresting commentary. It took me 4 tries to get our camera to cooperate so I got a little tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

Nick's planter boxes

I don't remember the name of this pink flower but I think it's so pretty!

Still got a view of the mountains...

We had a fun trial run with our fire pit after Toby went to bed. We had hot dogs, smores, and washed it down with some Dr. Peppers. It was seriously one of the funnest, cheapest date nights we had had in a LONG time! This will definitely become a weekly occurrence. Nick and I were even tossing around the idea of putting up a tent and having a little camp-out!

So Nick always looks ticked off or goofy in pictures. I choose "ticked off" because the "goofy" ones were fuzzy.

And I totally look like I should be the picture on the front of some camping gear. I am completely posed and awkward.

And of course I couldn't resist throwing some pics in of the Tobester...

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cynthia said...

Wow Debbie, what a great yard! I'm jealous of that nice Utah grass you can actually walk barefoot on! And a BBQ pit in your own backyard?? How great is that!