September 22, 2008

10 things I love about you

Since Nick is back in school full time and working full time we never get to do the Family Home Evening thing. He is gone from 6:30 am til 10 pm, Monday - Friday (sniff, sniff). I realize Toby is not exactly able to say a prayer or really understand what's going on but I am really eager to start this tradition in my own family. So tonight instead of stuffing my face with something sweet and wishing Nick was home to play Mario Kart with me, I decided to have my own little Family Home Evening - by myself. That's right, I am going to give a lesson on Faith, and sing a song to myself and then close with a prayer and then maybe I will stuff my face with some brownies. So here's the lesson......

OK I am totally joking people! Well except for the last part, I really do want some brownies so I am going to hurry up and get to the point of this post so I can have some. I have decided to communicate with Nick via email and have everyone say 10 things they love about the other person. (Yay for the internet!) You will notice right away that Nick is straight and to the point with his responses and I have practically written a novel with mine. :)

First up, Nicholas Nickleby (one of my favorite nick names for him and books):

1- I love that you are real and you're own person. What you see is what you get.

2- I love the way you read my mind. I use to pride myself in being able to be a really private person and only let certain people in on my thoughts and feelings. Somehow you have this amazing ability to see through the "I'm fine." answers and articulate exactly what's going on in my head. I use to be shocked and scared at this skill and would always ask you, "how did you know that?" But now after hearing you say, "Deb, I just know you" for the millionth time I have come to accept and appreciate your psychic powers. hehehe

3-I love how you see the good in everyone. I hardly ever hear you say negative things about people. (uh....well... unless we're driving on I-15)

4- I love that you are such a hard worker. You carry a heavy load of 16 credit hours and work 40 hours a week, and yet on your lunch breaks you come home and do the dishes or put in a load of laundry for me. For all you guys reading this, nothing is more attractive than a guy who helps out with the household chores. AND does it with out being asked!

5- I love how you love the outdoors. I can already envision many fishing trips in Alaska with you and Toby.

6- I love your smell. When you are gone I like sleeping with your pillow so I can get a whiff of Nick.

7- I love your beautiful, sky-blue eyes.

8- I love how you people watch. It's fun to watch you watch people. Only those who know Nick well, know what I am talking about.

9- I love how you remind me of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. *sigh*

10- Even though sometimes this trait can be embarrassing to me, I love how you just say it like it is. Like when we are eating dinner at my parents and my mom asks what you think of her new recipe and you just say, "It's alright." You are the ONLY person who can get away with it! I love it!

Now for the Tobester from Mommy:

1- I love the way you smile every time you see me!

2- I love your chubby thighs

3- I love how you say "mama" over and over..... (even though I know you don't know what you're saying)

4- I love how you help me appreciate the little things in life

5- I love how you look for me when someone else is holding you

6- I love that you inherited your dad's curiosity

7- I love that you inherited the Rarick chin and that your ears poke out like mine

8- I love how you charm people with your big, blue eyes and infectious smile

9- I love that when I lay down next to for a nap you will keep one eye cracked to see if I am still there

10- I love that YOU are MY son. You are my pride and joy in life.

From Daddy:

1-Strong will

2-Handsome boy

3-Eye color


5-Kisses on the cheek

6-Loves to snuggle

7-Firecracker cries

8-Yearning to see everything around him


10-Time spent in the mornings sleeping on the couch over the summer

ToDebbie From Nick:



3-Excellent speaker

4-Loves to work out

5-Caring mother

6-Caring wife

7-Financially savvy

8-Excels in accomplishing her tasks

9-Lives true to the gospel

10-Nice um well you know…


Kristina said...

Haha, you seriously had me laughing out loud with the firsts paragraph.
I like to play this game with Kurt, too. It's usually when we're hiking. (I'm not sure why.. I guess because we have a TON of time to talk then.) I'll start going on about how much I love his sense of humor, how it makes me laugh, how it's sometimes edgy but he's still such a good guy, and how I love how he is such a good guy, and when we were dating there were always thank you cards on his fridge from people he helped, and how that reminds me that I thought he would be a peter priesthood, but he's totally not, and I love that about him, and it just goes on and on, one tangent to another. And then I say, "What do you like about me?" Or, "What did you like about me before we started dating?" and he says, "You're awesome," or "You're really funny and beautiful" or "You're an amazing person" but rarely specifics. What exactly is an amazing person?? I'm not quite sure.
I guess men's minds just work differently!

Anonymous said...

What am I thinking?