May 16, 2013

Yet another birthday post

If you haven't noticed, most of our birthdays are in the spring. Toby in March, Aspen in April, Nick in May. Followed by Mother's Day and our anniversary in June. A couple years ago though, Mother's Day and Nick's birthday fell on the same day. That was not good. It ends up being an all day struggle of trying to pamper the other person but still feel celebrated yourself: "I'm glad you were born/you are a mother, but when do I get a nap?" They really need to be completely separate days.

So back to the birthday post. Nick turned 33 on May 8th. A few days before his birthday, we went out to Red Robin with my family to celebrate his and my bro-in-law's (Carlen) birthday - which is on May 5th. On Nick's actual birthday, I decorated the house with balloons and a "happy birthday" banner but failed to take pictures. I wanted to make a cake, but we're not really cake eaters in our family. Plus Nick is Mr. Particular on pretty much anything edible. So I sprung for some donuts. And that night I made him his dinner of choice - sloppy joe's (it's actually a really yummy recipe so click here if you'd like to check it out). Also Nick's coworker made him two cheescakes from scratch (just like he did for mine)! They are so very delicious, but alas, WAY too much cheesecake for two people (Toby and Aspen aren't really fans) so we ended up giving most of it away. And there is STILL some in our fridge. The final day of Nick's bithday week was last Friday. We went to Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of awesome friends. I did happen to take pictures of that event, though the lighting made the pics turn out a little weird.

Another weird thing was the seating. Apparently they weren't sure how to accommodate a party of 14 so they put 4 people comfortably in a booth and made the rest of squish together on a separate booth and table. It was a bit too cozy, but still lots of fun. Have I mentioned how much I love the people who surround us?  I do. I've never felt more at home than I do with my current neighborhood.

In the end, Nick had a great week of celebrations. I think he felt the love.

Mother's Day was wonderful. Nick took the night off, he wrote me a sweet letter, we hung out with my parents and siblings...and it wasn't Nick's birthday. It was a perfect day.

That pretty much covers the birthdays in our fam. Stay tuned for our anniversary post! :)

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Jessie said...

Well...spring is the BEST! (I'm an April myself).

I'm a little jealous of your neighborhood camaraderie. SO FUN. That's been our biggest complaint here, no pals. There are people we like in the ward, just not that many, and we don't hang out. Hmm. Maybe it's us. (Except we've never had this problem before.) All I know is, I've brought way too many plates of cookies over the last 2 years to not have made friends!

Anyway, I'm glad Mother's Day wasn't conflicted this year, and that everyone had a happy birthday.