March 14, 2012

He's officially a four-year-old

We celebrated Toby's 4th birthday last week. I still have zero desire to do a "friends" birthday party, so we did another family shin-dig this year. Maybe next year I will actually try to be a fun mom. :)

Balloons were courtesy of the Relief Society's birthday bash the night before. They just happen to match perfectly with all the decorations.

Toby's Transformers cake. We had a hard time figuring it out. Is that Cybertron in the distance or did part of the earth explode?

He was thrilled with his new Transformers toys and spin brush.

Niece Jade and Aspen checkin' out Toby's firetruck.

My poor sister is about to pop. She is pregnant with twins and so, so miserable. Only a couple more weeks to go...hang in there Ness!

Grandma Sibert and Aspen

Aspen laughing at Grandpa Rarick

And I saved the best for last. This has to be the worst version ever of the "Happy Birthday" song. I don't know what is better - how off-key we are or Jade's sudden discovery of Spider-man at the end of the song. Either way, I laugh really hard every time I watch it. Enjoy. ;)

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Jessie said...

Ah, the video was good to see. I miss family things. Vanessa looks pretty darn good if she's only got a few more weeks. Wow!

I'm glad there are others out there who dread the friend party thing. I finally gave in for Calvin's 6th birthday because we were 2 weeks from moving and it seemed a good way to say goodbye to his little pals. But out here there aren't as many pals, and I don't know his school class kids well enough to want to invite them over. So, even though he begged, I said no. We did end up having one family come over to share dessert, though, and that felt party-ish enough for me!
Happy birthday Tobe! May this year bring you rhyme and reason. HA!
Really, though, he should start getting a bit more reasonable as this year progresses, if it's anything like my experience. Still, personalities are what they are. Sometimes my 2yr-old is more reasonable than my 7yr-old. Good thing they're so darn cute.