November 1, 2011

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Halloween 2011

I was so glad Aspen's jammies could double as a costume. :)

Optimus Prime!

He actually wore the mask for most of the evening.

So I just have to put in a plug for our cool neighborhood. Between Toby getting handfuls of candy dumped into his bucket, neighbors giving out homemade donuts and root beer, and then having a flash mob of "Thriller" perform every hour in the park, we had such a memorable and fun Halloween. The Toby-man had a blast.

Hee Haw Farm with Nessa and Jade

Cute cousins

The pumpkin drop.
The one below is close to 900 lbs! Toby loved every minute of it.

A video clip of the pumpkin drop...sorry about my unsteady filming

My little dare devil

Cute Jade. She was saying "Cheeeese!"

It has been a wonderful fall season. Love, love, love this time of year.


Angie said...

How fun! Trick or Treating always reminds me of your mom and dad...donuts and hot chocolate! Miss that! Sounds like you live in an awesome neighborhood...and Thriller flash mob? Sweet! That pumpkin drop would be so fun to experience. Those are some HUGE pumpkins!

Vindie said...

I miss Utah's fall! Love the pictures! can't get over how old Toby is already!

Colleen said...

I did the same thing for Audrey's Halloween costume, except I just got her a hat with ears. :) I'm bummed that I missed Thriller. Next year for sure!