July 18, 2011

I love her so much

Aspen is officially a 3 month-er today! She is such a sweetie-pie. She loves to smile and LOVES to talk. I am not used to having such a chatterbox! Every time she nurses she will pause half-way through, look up at me like she has something very important to say, and then jabber away. It makes me laugh every time.

Although the shape of her eyes favor mine, the color of her eyes are closer to her daddy's: a beautiful light blue that totally glows in the sunlight. Lucky girl.

Lately she has been working hard on perfecting the roll-over.

Oh how I love my little Aspenini.


Aleta said...

I can't believe she's already 3 months old! Congrats - she is so cute!

Colleen said...

So sweet. Love these little girls. :)

BeeP said...

She is beautiful! Love the smile.

Jessie said...

So darn CUTE! Thanks for new pics.

alyssa said...

Debbie! How r u? Your kids are darling and thats so fun we have little girls so close with the same middle name! Do you keep in contact with A Net peeps? If so tell them hi for me! I haven't been back to UT in so long. Ryan and Jenni Woodley just had a baby girl and they are moving to Alpine. Anyways, hope things are going well!