June 13, 2011

Parades and Chickens

A couple weekends ago, Eagle Mountain had their Pony Express Parade. It was just what a small town parade should be: cheesy, hot, but lots of fun for the 2.2 million kids that live here. Man, I forget how out-numbered we adults are until I go to an EM parade. It kind of freaks me out a bit, feels a little too Lord of the Flies-ish. Anyway...enjoy pics below.

He walked like this the whole way to the parade. Such a cute, quirky boy.

And he pretty much looked like this the during most of the parade...

...until the cannon came! He hated the cannon last year and only disliked it this year. I don't blame him - it's so loud!

This Cosmo pic is for all you BYU fans. You're welcome.

No parade is complete without some bag pipes.

And now for the chicken portion of my post. Some of you may remember my little squabble last year with Nick about getting chickens. He's wanted them since we moved into our house. I kept saying no because, well, they stink, I don't really eat a lot of eggs, and I really didn't want one more thing taking up space on our .14 acre lot. Well, without warning Nick suddenly started working on a "project" in the garage. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed pictures on our computer of all different kinds of chicken coops. Then it all started to come together. He actually picked a good time to start building it because it was right before Aspen came along and I was too out of it to really pick up the chicken debate again. So he got his chickens. And he actually did a really good job on the chicken coop. I was quite proud of him. Check it out...

And there they are. Toby has already named one of them Trixy (huh?) and the other two are no-namers for the time being.
I am pretty sure we won't be able to go through the 12-14 eggs they will be producing every week. So if you would like some, please let me know! That would be eggs-elent.
OK it's time to go to bed when I start saying weird things like that in my posts.


Lindsay @ Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

What a cute little man!! We hate those cannons, too.
I know what you mean about the chickens. My dad has some and they have their own HOUSE in the backyard!! (It was an old playhouse, but still.) Nice to have, I guess, and the neighbors don't need to go egg shopping very often :) Good luck!

Angie said...

Oh, that totally brings back memories from a few years ago! But it was FREEZING at the parade. We were wearing hats and gloves...crazy weather...and that is a pretty awesome chicken coup! My mom has about 12 chickens...the girls LOVE to help gather the eggs and help grandpa clean out the coup. They carry the chickens around like baby dolls, lol. It's a love hate kind of thing... :)

Jessie said...

Ha ha ha! "Lord of the Flies-ish" is funny.
My kids don't like the cannons either - they really are too loud.

I don't eat a lot of eggs either, but I do use them in cooking a lot so that would be convenient. I guess I also use them for quick, cop-out dinners of scrambled eggs (for the boys. I usually eat something else on those nights).

The chickens are hilarious. I'm looking forward to snarky posts about your experience with them.

Colleen said...

I'd be happy to take some eggs off your hands! We go through a lot of them since Elijah and I have eggs almost every morning for breakfast. I definitely have no interest in owning my own chickens though. Sneaky Nick! Love those photos of Toby walking to the parade. Pony Express Days is awesome. Such a great little summer kick-off.

BeeP said...

Colin will love the chickens! We want to come see- and find eggs. :) I really want him to build me a rabbit hutch!

Anonymous said...

Deb - Can't wait to hear about all of your chicken adventures. Just don't let Nick tell Rob how awesome it is or we will be getting them too!