September 10, 2010

Toby's in a commercial

Well, not really. But when I saw this commercial a couple nights ago, I literally laughed out loud and said "It's Toby!" I love my little guy more than anything, but man he keeps me on my toes! Enjoy!

Oh and I laugh mainly because Toby has committed these same acts in real life. He has a toy baseball bat that he destroys his toys with on a daily basis. He has dumped out all my liquid dish soap onto my counter tops and almost flooded my kitchen. In the past he would chuck his toothbrush in the toilet as soon as I gave it to him but now he deliberately gives it to Kaya because he thinks its funny to watch me chase her. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't throw his toys (big toys) at Kaya. I'm still waiting for the snail experience to happen though. :)

But a classic Toby moment would have to be what happened a few weeks ago at the mall (I can laugh about this now but at the time I was a complete wreck). My parents were watching him while I was finishing my dinner in the food court. Within minutes of leaving him at their side, he had run away and disappeared into a big crowd. This boy could win medals for how fast he can run. Needless to say, this was the longest 10 minutes of my life. Apparently he had taken the escalator, totally BY HIMSELF to the bottom level of the mall and was running around from store to store. Luckily, someone had found him wandering and took him to a security guard. When I saw him I was bawling and a total mess. As I hysterically reached for him, I expected him to be a little shaken up or scared by our separation. Nope. He was casually licking a sucker and said "Hi mommy" as if nothing had happened.

Gotta love these kids who make life more interesting. I can't wait until he is older and I can read him all my journal entries that should be titled "Adventures with the Tobe-man." :)

How boring would my days be if I didn't have this little guy spicing things up?!


Aleta said...

Too funny! I'm glad you have such a good attitude about him making your life more exciting :)

Jessie said...

OH MY. I guess I should be thankful that will 3 boys, none of those things have happened yet...I say "yet" because I think #3 is well on his way to making them happen. Sigh.

That mall thing would have freaked me out. FREAKED me out. Little stinker!

I wish we could have actually chatted at the funeral last week(I did see you, right? It was so fleeting.)
I thought we'd meet up again later, but alas, we did not.

Well - hopefully next time someone, er, dies...or something, we'll actually get a chance to talk!

Debbie said...


Yeah I was there at the funeral - it wasn't your imagination. :) Unfortunately, we had to leave right after the services or I would have love to chat!

Colleen said...

That is too funny. And I am so glad I haven't had to go through the experience of losing a little one at the mall yet, though I'm pretty sure all moms experience that one at least once. Oh the stories you'll have to tell his fiancee someday!

Pam said...

That commercial was hilarious! Yes, It fit Toby to a great extent!
Sure love my Tobymister!