August 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

We went to Thanksgiving Point last week in hopes of taking advantage of their $2 Tuesdays, but a few things had somehow escaped my attention: 1) We live in Utah. Everyone has a minimum of 4 children. 2) It was the last few days before school started, everyone had to get in their last summer fling. 3) We live in Utah. The lines were insanely long, much longer than what you would see at an overcrowded Disneyland.

So we ditched the Dino Museum and just sauntered around the beautiful Thanksgiving Point Gardens. And when I say "sauntered" I mean we walked a little, chased Toby down a little, walked a little more - you get the idea. Toby loved it though. Any place where he is free to roam is sure to be a 7th heaven for the Tobester.

"Come on, Dad!"

I want my backyard to look like this someday. :)

So cute.

Just when you thought this post couldn't be any longer, I had to throw in a few more pictures. I found some pics of us at Thanksgiving Pt. last year and Toby is just over 5 months old. Look at how HUGE he is! I miss the chub! (but not the sleepless nights) ;)

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Jessie said...

So cute. We wish we had closer access to Thanksgiving Point. I mean, we hit the Ogden Dinosaur Park regularly, but I think my boys would FLIP OUT to see the one down there!