July 13, 2009


...pictures of the new pad. The ones I put up in May were pics from the previous owner. It's still a bit bare because we only have enough furniture and decor to fill up a large apartment, but its definitely feeling more homey.

Kitchen (my favorite)

Front Room


Still need to put up some family pictures

Basement Guest Bathroom

We got this sectional for FREE! My mom's neighbor was just giving it away. Sweet deal, eh?

Toby's play area. I want to make it more neutral and not so girly. I eventually want to tear out the stove and paint some animals or Disney character's in there.

Our food storage. Uh, yeah we need to get on that. No excuses now!

Nice WIDE staircase

Toby's bathroom. Eventually I will add some more color.

I will say I like having a linen closet IN the bathrooms.

The pink room. Yuck. I hate pink. Even if I have a girl someday there will be no pink rooms in my house.

Right now its our storage room...

The Tobester's room

Master Bedroom

Love the crown molding

If you are wondering why we don't have blankets: a) We just got a new bed and b) it gets pretty warm in our room at night so we're kind of holding off .

The BLUE bathroom. I like it, Nick hates it.

I know the red shower curtain doesn't really match but that's all we have right now. Nick eventually wants to paint the walls an off-white color. Boooooooring.

Private pooper :)

Love the oval tub.

And that's our house in a nut shell. Most of our decor was provided by my mom. She lives for decorating. Seriously, when you walk into her house you would think you just arrived at a Pottery Barn or Thai Pan Trading.

So far I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a house and living in "The Ranches". I seriously feel so blessed and humbled by having such a nice place to call home. And the neighborhood is wonderful. Awesome jogging trails and parks all around us. Plus, Sunday dinner's are only about a mile way now. Yup, my parents live within walking distance. I will say there are pros and cons to having such close proximity, but so far the pro's are definitely out-weighing the cons: free meals, someone to hang out with when Nick is gone, I get my TV fix there since we currently don't have cable, AND a trusted babysitter when Nick and I go out! I think the only thing I miss about Provo is how close it is to restaurants and shopping malls, but to me that's not much of a sacrifice. Nick and I don't eat out very often and I rarely go shopping.

Yes, home life is good.

To quote a favorite John Mayer song:

Home life
Been holding out for my home life
My whole life


Aleta said...

Great pictures - looks like you have a cute house! Congrats!

Jessie said...

Someday I too will have a nice, new home. We enjoy our little old lady house for now, but man, it will be so cool to have something so fresh and new looking. Congrats again on the house!

We also just got a King bed, and have no bedding for it. One pair of sheets and our Queen blankets. Pretty sweet.

Jocelyn and Daniel said...

I love your home!! So awesome!