April 14, 2009

A cruel irony

Nick is on his last stretch before school is out. Only two more weeks! I am so- whats the right word...ecstatic? Bursting with excitement? Or maybe........tired?

With Nick putting in 16 hour days with both work and school, I am making quite the understatement when I say the past few months have been exhausting and anything but easy. And though I can almost taste the school-free, sleep in mornings, I am convinced that Toby is bent on making these last couple weeks as difficult as possible. He continues to stay true to his most defining characteristic: he is consistently inconsistent. And more for ME than anyone else. For example, when Nick is around on the weekends to give me a break or some extra shut-eye, Toby transforms into a slightly easier version of himself. Let me break it down for you:

Over the weekend Nick only had to change 1 (one!) poopy diaper. Yesterday I gagged my way through 5 (yes five!) poopy diapers, and have had the pleasure of changing 3 more this morning.

Over the weekend Toby took 2 hour nap (this is a true rarity) during the day for Nick. Monday Toby went back to his usual 45 minute cat-naps.

Over the weekend Toby slept in until 7 am (this is even more unheard of than the 2 hour nap). This morning Toby woke up at his usual 5:30.

Over the weekend when Nick would put Toby down for a nap he would magically fall asleep in his arms without a fight. For me, I have to wear out Toby to the point of exhaustion, hovering over meltdown mode. And even then he won't fall asleep in my arms unless he has a bottle of milk beforehand.

I have read that when your child acts differently around you than other people, its actually a sign that they trust you as their caregiver and so you should be flattered with their Jekyll and Hyde behavior.

Hmmm...ok Toby I get it. You love your mommy. You can stop flattering me so much- particularly around 5 am. :)


Jessie said...

Oh Toby, you little stinker. You owe your mom BIG time later. I predict many lawns mowed and many dishes done - more so than any other kids that may come along in your family.

There! Feel better at all? Those unpredictable, smarty-pants kids are tricky. Again, age 4 has bee GREAT for mine. Something to look forward to.

Jamie said...

I love that picture of you and toby, he getting big. Thats exciting nick is almost done with school, the end of school life is nice... less stress (most of the time) and more time at home.