March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Toby!

Toby is officially a one year old today! We celebrated his birthday with mine and Nick's family Saturday afternoon. The lot included: my parents, my sister and her husband, Nick's parents and Nick's sister and niece. We started out our little party with light snacks and then began opening presents.

Of course Toby was more interested in eating the wrapping paper than seeing the actual present.

Then we brought out his own special little cake (made by Nick), sung him "Happy Birthday" and let him go to town.

As you can see, he didn't hesitate at all and dove right into his little chocolate mountain. He ate the whole cake! It was great.

After hosing him down, we decided to chow down on his big birthday cake. All in all, it was a great little party.

Today we gave Toby his first haircut since he was growing his own little mullet. My brothers and sisters liked calling him "pilgrim" or "founding father" because seriously all he needed was a black buckled hat to complete his colonial look. I honestly loved the little fluff growing on the back of his head. Nick on the other hand could not wait to get rid of it, so today we got out the clippers and Toby rejoined the 21st century.

I'm going to miss my little pilgrim... :(


Jocelyn and Daniel said...

Happy Birthday Toby!!

Anonymous said...

Toby looks SO cute eating his cake. He has those Lifetime movie eyes Terry talks about too! :) Do you remember?


Debbie said...

Yeah Terry still likes to call him "lifetime" because how blue his eyes are. I love it. :)