February 6, 2009

Tag...you're it!

The Rules: 1. Go to your documents/pictures. 2. Go to your 6th file. 3. Go to your 6th picture. 4. Blog about it. 5. Tag 6 people to do the same. 6. So here we go...

So this dark pic is Nick and me in Las Vegas in March of 2007 (obviously pre-Toby days). Ahh how I miss being able to just take random road trips like that! Nick and I were on our way to Disneyland with our friends from Alaska, Jake and Rosie. I decided to put in the picture below of us on the Stratosphere because it was just too funny to pass up!

I tag whoever is reading this and would like to be tagged!

1 comment:

Strong and determined said...

That picture of you and Nick is too funny. I don't think I would be brave enough to go on that ride anymore. I've become a wimp in my old age..