November 1, 2008

this is halloween...

Well Toby and I dressed up for Halloween. My mom bought him an adorable, gushy, bloated, bear costume and I threw together a cat costume for me at the last minute. And I literally mean"threw together": My tail was the fur trim from the hood on my winter coat (it zips off), my "costume" consisted of black dance pants from high school (yes, I know I'm just a little too sentimental), a black shirt and black shoes were kindly donated by my little sister and, ok you got me, I am not the craft type person so I bought a kitty mask for $3 at Smiths. The funny thing about the mask though is that I figured out too late it was meant for little kids. Whenever I put it on, it smashed my eyes so looked all Quasimodo-ish and well, just not right. Well I didn't want to look like a "special" kitty, so I just taped a couple make-up sponges inside, just above my eyes and it kept the mask from contorting my face and it fit perfectly. I was quite proud of myself for being so resourceful.

So back to Toby's cuddly costume. As I said before, his Grandma Rarick bought it- though this wasn't the first. That's right, your read correctly, this was the 2nd costume he was given! You see, my mom had originally bought him a little clown outfit and though I had my reservations about it at first because I am a little creeped out by most clowns, Toby actually looked pretty darn cute in it. And I realized that only babies should be allowed to be clowns, not grown men. Weirdos. Anyway, I digress....
So even though I was sold on the outfit, the colorful, exaggerated bow-tie and and orange hair just didn't cut it for it Nick. As soon as he saw it, he adamantly stated that no son of his would be caught wearing a clown costume. Well I just assumed that Nick would eventually forget about it by the time Halloween came and that I would dress Toby up in it anyway. Well somehow it leaked to my mom of Nick's strong disapproval, so instead of just doing what I do and say "that's just Nick, you don't have to be offended or take it personally" she went out and bought another costume! My funny mom. Needless to say, Nick was much happier to see him as a bear. I think it resonated with his rugged, Alaskan side or something. :)

As far as the clown costume goes, I am just going to hold onto it for our second child (no I'm not saying I'm pregnant, calm down). Maybe by that time Nick will not have such hard feelings towards it.
Toby was a little glazed over when I first put him in his bear costume. He had just woke up from a nap so that's why he looks a little drugged in the above picture. Normally he is quite photogenic.
Later in the afternoon, Toby and I ventured to my old work - Authorize.Net. The witch is my friend Aleta (ok that sounded really funny) who by they way is just over 3 months pregnant. I wanted to get pictures with my other friends- Karisty, Lindsay, Sarah, Kristy.... but I completely blanked out that I had my camera until I was leaving. Everyone had such cool costumes!
And the office looked so neat! I think that was my only visit where I truly missed working there because I had forgotten how much they get into this fun holiday. All the departments competed for the best Halloween decor. I was pretty impressed with the little spook alley (actually more of a spook corner) which lead into a room filled with stuffed animals and happy music. That was a nice touch for all the little trick or treaters that would be coming through. Very creative. :)

That evening Nick was able to escape work for a couple hours so we could hang out at my parents house. It was simple but fun: we ate pizza, had hot chocolate and donuts, and I got to take my little niece, Azia trick or treating. It was so much fun! It made me want to be a kid again.

And I have to post a pic of Vanessa's costume...she dressed up as John Lennon! Nice costume, love. Brilliant!
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Kristina said...

That bear costume is just too cute for words. I love the little booties/paws!