May 13, 2008

Toby's blessing day

So Toby's blessing day was couple Sunday's ago - on May 4th. We had a good turn out on both sides of the family and lots of friends showed up as well. Nick gave Toby a beautiful blessing, even though Toby fussed a bit in the beginning. No one seemed to notice except me because 1 - I am his mom and would recognize his cry in a noisy Wal-Mart and 2- there are quite a few babies in our ward. Just to give you and idea Toby was the 5th baby blessing just in the past couple weeks. Well thats Provo for ya - the baby-making capital of the world. :)
The cute little baby next to Toby is his future wife, Oaklee. At least thats what Ashley (her mom) and I say.
Yes I dyed my hair dark again. I really like and so does Nick. Most people do except one of my very outspoken Aunts. She is always quick to let me know her extreme distaste for my dark hair. I don't mind though. Its actually kind of comical and refreshing to find someone who lets you know exactly how they feel and doesn't hold back.
This is Nick's sister Tonee and her son Damon. Such a cute picture!
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Daniel T said...

Hey Deb and Co. It looks like your little family is doing great!